ArthurX at Biennale di Firenze, Dec 2003.

Arthurx' paintings in a double frame: Museum Woman and Italian Girl.
The frame consists of wooden beams,
connected at the corners with big bolts and nuts.
The painting is attached to it by a rubber elastic cord.

There is of course a risk to this way of framing the paintings:
People only watch the frame.
But every trick and gimmick is aloud to get attention at such an event.
And I make the paintings in the same way in my studio.
I didn't invent it for exhibits.
It's just the easiest way to connect a canvas to a frame.

It worked out well.
There were even a few girls,
who wanted to be photographed together with the paintings.
What more can you want.

I just was to shy to step forward and say:
"Hi, I am the artist. Shall we pose together?"

Our neighbours.

Michael Moore and Arthurx before the spiraling self portraits.
Some how Elizabeth got the impression that the juror,
who invited him was the same as the one who invited me.
Because his works looks wild and modern impressionist styled.
Maybe he could fit in with the Nouveau Fauvisme art stream.

Sam, ArthurX and the American artist Michael Moore taking a break from the networking.
Smiling at command is a special skill.
Especially when it needs to look naturally.

Micheal Moore's Pic of Arthur

Elizabeth and Sam enjoying the view of Roman ruins in Fiesole just above Florence.

Arthurx directing works at the carpenters atelier in Florance to make the frames for the paintings.

Arthur holding a brochure of Italian sculptor Angelo Fierro.

Arthur and Elizabeth posing in front of Florentine hills.
Winter can be Beautiful.

Elizabeth and Micheal Moore Spiderman.

A close-up of the Heads.

One of the last days Doc Antoine told us it was a nice weather to make a shot of the entrance.
So we did.

Our hotel room had a view as big as a ballroom.

Sit-ins were very popular.
Here with Mikel Elam an artist from Philladelphia, always good fun,
especially with his non-Barbie-Doll friends form LA.
His works made me think of Bob Marley.
The mood, the battle and attitude.

Arthurx and Spiderman posing at the other side.
This was at one of the first days so still a bit stressed.